Here you'll be able to find a variety of information from the synopsis behind the News At 9 project and the final product, to a range of tutorials covering topics on how all effects were done to create News At 9, as well as tutorials for setting up green screen equipment. Follow our Action News Team as we teach you the ropes to introductory visual effects! We recommend the Resources page for more helpful information and links to tutorials.


What does "ungawa" mean? Its origin is unknown, but historians have traced it back as a greeting aboriginals used in the American north-west. Though its history is vague, the word has grown in infamy due to the controversial "racial draft" seen in The Dave Chappelle Show. And that's what we as team wanted to be known as: A team without much history, coming together to make something amazing.


Checked out our final project and want to learn how to do it yourself? You've come to the right place. With the help our the News At 9 Action News Team, we'll show you how we did most of the effects you saw in all the individual segments. From green screen set-up and tear-down, to match-moving and rotoscoping basics, you'll be primed and ready to go!


If you've got enough of our tutorials, our learning center also features a dedicated section to help you learn more about what Ungawa's used to achieve its amazing visual effects in their latest production, News at 9. Resources include things like terms you should know and websites and other resources that helped us to achieve our final product.

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Visit our tutorials section, the feature of this website, to learn more about how we created all of our visual effects in the News at 9 production.

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If you're looking for some software recommendations to get started with visual effects, we have a list for you to check out in our resources section.